Our Vision


White Wall Branding is a digital branding and social media agency that aims to elevate small businesses and business owners.

We do this by creating and delivering brand identity through digital channels, so that you can gain exposure and build strong connections with your current and potential clients. Let's set you apart in your industry. 

WWB was built with the intention to help small business thrive. Digital channels, such as social media platforms, are great places for that to happen, but managing these channels is not for everyone. It takes a lot of time and work that might not be a priority for you! Enter WWB! At WWB, we want to take this off your hands so that you can focus on your businesses, your services, and your customers. 

Why WWB?
WWB is a small business itself and as a small business, we understand what problems and experiences your business might be going through right now. #smallbusinessproblems. 
These problems usually have to do with the B word, budgets. At WWB, we'll work with you to get you what you need, within your price range! 

Let's work together to build you a stronger brand that translates to a stronger business. 

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Meet the founder

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Faye Catungal



Founder of White Wall Branding

With her degree in Communications, Faye found herself passionate about digital media and how powerful it is for creating exposure and for impacting the growth of small businesses.

After coming on as a Facebook Curator for lululemon YVR, and the success of her very first project, Club Row Fitness; she knew it was meant to be!